by brokenrecordbaby

Woo. Woo is a state of mind. It’s as vital to daily language as fire was to cavemen. It’s the icing at the end of any sentence. Full stop woo.

It started out at the Queen of Hoxton. Charlie was anything but amused by the fact that after a 12 hour hardcore shift she was merely getting a £3 tip. “I’m just gunna say woooooooooo”. Oh, it just expressed so much. That same night waiting for the 149 (that fucker never comes) we used woo to express each and every emotion creating a jumbled cocktail of aggro, sad, happy woos. Are ya still confused? Check the examples below and don’t hesitate to apply woos in your own and unique ways. ‘Cos remember…anything is woo.

Excited woo: (When I think of going to NY)

Aggro woo: (when customers reply our answers to bar related stuff with “Really?” “Are you sure?” No, you fuckers we work here but sure you know better than us)

Confused woo (this happens a lot)

Unexpected woo (when you take off your shorts and a chapstick falls out and rolls on the floor)

Final woo (when you wake up after you have been coughing and feel like death)

Virgin woo (when you do your first woo)

To apply woos simply state your emotion and add woo at the end. Voila…you are successfully and simplistically expressing your inner thoughts and feelings.