Tuesday night off

by brokenrecordbaby

Last Tuesday something amazing happened….Charlie and I both had the night off. WOO!! Of course the night had to start at the Queen though. We had bar training where we were taught how to sell Carnaby Brown…a neon coloured alcohol that until that moment was a complete mystery to us. So, we learnt all about it yaaaddii yadadiyaaa…and then Suz-Ball, Charlie and I went up on the roof to drink it. At some point an Italian guy (didn’t just look sleazy he had Italian flags on his face) walked towards the Rum Shack (which was shut) and disappeared in its little crevice. He was sooooo blatantly taking a piss so I walked over there. He was fucking pissing on a pile of glasses and buckets which one of us was gunna have to take down. He just claimed it was too long a walk down and he won’t do it again. We didn’t tell Mark but someone else did so Mark stormed up there and went all aggro woo on his ass.

Anyway I went to meet the model in whose room I will be crashing out. The first thing she said was “I have bad news”.  Fuck, I thought it meant I couldn’t live in her flat anymore but she went on to say “The flat was broken into last night!” Oh, pheewww…whatever as long as I’m still crashing there. I left her 4 or 5 start suite via the staff elevator, haha, putting me back into my place as I had to exit the hotel through the kitchen.

I met Charlie outside of The Book Club. Charlie was there Jack, Robyn, Anisa, and two international pro skater boys from Cali. Ooops…didn’t catch on to that til the next day. Whatever…so we went to Dalston Superstore which was dead and we got kicked out after one drink. Not before Charlie and I collected all the glasses and brought them to the bar….for no reason. Then we went to Alibi (fucks sake I keep calling it Amnesia…writing Alibi took a dose of concentration)

In Alibi we bumped into Anja (manager of The Book Club) Oh, there is just no escape of TBC or the Queen. Of course, very intense and dramatically serious Queen talk ensued…probs way too intense to recap here. Oh, and Charlie had her baccy swiped by Anja…hah!

There is Robyn, me, Johnny, Charlie (surprised/startled woo!) and Anisa in Alibi.

We then went home where slowly but surely Charlie was smooooooooching pro skater Kevin (after kissing him she said to me “GG, I just made out with Kenny!” niiiiggaaa whooooo?!)

Oh, right then Johnny got mega aggro woo on my ass after I shared my most recent observation with him; Brits are instantly recognizable anywhere in the world due to that weird injection scar on their left arm) Johnny didn’t love this and went a bit aggro woo on me.

Then there was some soggy overcooked, gluten free pasta and broccoli, watermelon, cuddle-up times and a missing key. Good times

-gotta agitate the gravel- G