Toke in the Park

by brokenrecordbaby

Before work Charlie and I hung in the very ghetto park in front of my house. It was sooo hot and I wanna get rid of my pale boobs so I tanned topless…seriously the worst park to do it in especially as tanning topless in parks is not really legit in England. So, we had a tiny little toke which was enough for me to ramble shiiiiiit and get completely paranoid.

stuff that i said and charlie wrote down:

“I don’t want the wine” (there was nooooooo wine in sight…anywhere)

“Do shadows exist in the dark and it is just that we can’t see them?”

“Why is there something brighter than sunlight on that meadow? Who are those yellow people?”

Aaaaand then some freak face came up to me to ask if he could take a picture of me. I said no of course which he did not accept as an answer and continued to persist….Charlie and I eventually told him to fuck off…his face went a bit aggro woo but eventually he sat back down…like a meter away from us. Fuck face. I put on my shirt and we agitated the gravel.