Scrabble Woo

by brokenrecordbaby

Ruuuuuth, Laura, her friend, Ryan, Charlie and I played Scrabble at The Book Club cuz apparently we are either there or at the Queen. We drank £1 Jim Beam with lime in it which caused quite the controversy..hooooow crazy..lime in whisky. Oh wow.

So, don’t think I’ve ever played Scrabble. I got a bit frustrated woo. Took me awhile to get the concept that words have to make sense fucking left, right, up and down. I spellt the word “sepia”. That was amazing. And then someone had spelt “dorky” and some suit came over and was like: “That’s not a word…what is that?” And Charlie goes: “It’s what you are being right now!” SNAP woooooo. Then his suit friend came over and he got snaaaaapped all over again.

Theeeeeen Charlie saw that we could spell the word WOO with our letters. It was a beautiful moment