Dripping Guaranteed

by brokenrecordbaby

Sooooo Yeasayer and Wild Beasts were basically the reason Charlie and I wanted to go to Lovebox. Much debating, rationalizing and a bit of frustration tears resulted in us getting Saturday night off…a first in 4 months so the whole day had a super exciting vibe from the get go. Strolling around all Saturday without the nagging count down clock in the back of your mind refusing to let you relax…it was real nice, what can I say.

Anywhoooo…so first up were Wild Beasts and I didn’t really know what they looked like at all. With Spotify and MySpace these days it is so easy to love a band without even knowing who they are or what they look like. Which made the fact that there were a bunch hot-as-shit boys on stage a real pleasurable surprise. There was the dude in the denim…oh wow is all I’m saying. When he played the guitar (or bass…whatever) he was thrusting the air like no other. It was tantalizing. Thruuuuuuust. He was moving those pelvic bones back’n’forth causing the formation of some real explicit imagery in Charlie’s and my mind. But it wasn’t just denim boy…shaved hair dude was so good as well. If he gets that involved and into things with everything  he does as he does with his music…well then I certainly do believe that he is a wild beast.

Next up were Yeasayers who are from Brooklyn. Have I mentioned I’m gunna be living in Brooklyn, that I will meet them in a bar, they’ll take me to some loft party, we’ll drink all night and there will be a  lot of PG groupie action? (I will be living in Brooklyn in real life) So yeah…the gig was fucking amazing. Most of Charlie and my drippage was brought on by the dude in the white wife beater, black skinnys and boots. He had arms…oh wow. And got real into it and there was definitely some thrusting. There was also a moment of undeniable bonding. Charlie had a left stipple (stiff nipples), I had a left stipple and so did he. It was magic. I tried to zoom in on the stipple but it didn’t work. Believe me though it was there…all hard and rigid. We are still talking about the nipple…I think.

It was a great day for clit-driven groupies.