Rosemary's Baby

by brokenrecordbaby

Every Monday people gather at Bryant Park, which is right by Times Square, to watch a free movie on a huge screen, eat food and booze.

This Monday they showed Polanski’s Rosemary’s Baby which plays in Manhattan so that was pretty goooooood. What was really weird is that before the movie started loads of people stood up and I just thought: “People are actually gunna sing the national anthem before the start of a movie?” But no…people got up and cheered when HBO’s, who’s the sponsor of the night, symbol showed up on screen….which might even be a bit weirder

But yeah it was amazing to watch an old movie in a huge crowd surrounded by billowing scrapers. The crowd also got so into it…like when Rosemary spat in her husband’s face (he let her be raped by the devil so he kinda had it coming) everyone whistled and cheered. so yeah that was the start of our monday night….

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