Sunday night

by brokenrecordbaby

after walking around the city we headed into williamsburg, brooklyn. i showed char my crib real quick and then we headed to bedford avenue where we met up with sabina and katy. they both study in london. katy is british, sabina is swedish, has lived in tokyo, south of france and some other places. they are both awesome. so yeah bedford avenue if you are gunna compare it, it would be with east london. the street is full of bars, restaurants, cafes, bars, shops. real nice vibe and as it was a sunday it was buzzin with people.

my favourite guy there was a window washer. he was inside a bagel shop squidging the shit outta those windows when he felt the need to step out onto the street to comment on a passing by couple:

“Hey Hey! You guys are a real attractive couple!”


“Yeah but you know what that means…you guys are gunna have real ugly kids. Two beautiful people make for some ugly kids.”

“Don’t say that!”

The window washer then stepped back into the store and, again, gave his attention to the windows. So good.

we then met up with the frenchies nebil, axelle and raphael and went to the tea house. real cute place. really dimly lit with old equastrian style wall paper and a bar full of jar after jar after jar of fresh tea. that might be where it got its name from? the food was preeeeetty all right.

there was spaghetti there somehwere...tiny ass portion. like excuuuse me im in america. i want some super size me dimensions

Nebil looking very unimpressed

sexy sabina from sweden and aaaaaz