Spotted…Hot Chip. XOXO

by brokenrecordbaby

hot chip…spotted at central park summer stage. so we had to travel half way around the world to watch a band from putney but it does work out to be a lot cheaper…and the venue was awesome…in the middle of central park and stuff. it was so friggen hot though…unbelievable

hot chip in the city

we then went to some italian place in little italy although we were fully aware that most places in little italy are a bit of a rip off. this place was awesome though. the walls were covered with pictures of random guests posing with Frankie. Frankie is a big, grey haired mafioso type dude. in every picture, and these pics cover a time period of three decades at least, he’s got the same “don’t mess with me” expression while he is posing with his customers. in some pictures there are celebrities. though  all these pap shots are a bit ambiguous. the one with mary-kate olsen is blurred almost to the point of unrecognition and shes wearing light blue skinny jeans in it…like eeeeeexcuuuuuuse me when does MK ever do that? and the one with adam sandler is just a close up of sandler’s face…with a skyline in the background. frankie’s restaurant is on the ground floor. hmmmm… should either learn photoshop or actually get some celeb patrons in your joint. that’s all im sayin’

frankie in the background

we then went to the backroom. which maybe i shouldnt even tell you about cos it’s is pretty on the doooown low, innit. not really. but yeah it is a prohibition themed bar so its got no sign or real entrance. you go down some steps, through a narrow alleyway, up some steps and then you are in one of the most amazing bars i’ve ever been to. it is really dark, red velvet art deco style wallpaper, a fire place, huge velvety couches and sofas, oil paintings of stuff, a bookcase that if you push it (and if you are an A celebrity) will grant you access to a VIP room. cuz you are now in 1920s manhattan you’ve gotta keep your alcohol intake on the DL. so g&t gets even more british as you drink it out of a teacup and saucer, your lager comes in a huge coffee mug and bottles of beer must be wrapped in brown paper.

why is charlotte drinking coffee in a bar? oh's beeeeeer

matthias and katy drinking g&t on the dl

we then went to a bar called pianos where sabina and i were perving on two people getting in on. the guy was really hot. they were putting on a good show. charlotte had a sambuca shot the size of a pint. katy walked in on two bar backs involved in a round of oral sex. and sabina was offered some coke as a thank you for giving a guy a smoke. and that’s just your typical chilled night out in manhattan.

you can't tell how friggen huge it was