by brokenrecordbaby

So, my posts are not in chronological order right now….OMG, I know. Thursday Charlotte made us go have “the best blueberry pancakes ever” and you know she didn’t have to drag us there kicking and screaming…we were pretty all right with going. The place is called Clinton Street Baking Co. & Restaurant and I gotta agree with Charlotte (and Time Out)…they are the best fucking pancakes I’ve ever had. And they got so much other stuff as well which I can’t get into right now.

charlotte was too into them to remember to take a pic before she started on 'em

We then went to Times Square cuz Katy had to get a bunch of candy for her work mates and, I didn’t know this, but Time Square has shops devoted entirely to chocolate. There is a ginormous M&M store and Hershey store which has a huuuuuuge chocolate Hershey Kisses filled with mini Kisses, Twizzlers in every colour and flavour imaginable (I have never seen something eatable look so chemical) white Reese’s cups, Reese’s t-shirts, Reese’s lipbalm….anything and everything.

The M&M shop has every colour (pastels, gold, nu-rave neon…) of M&M in tubes that go all the way up the wall (and it’s a big wall) so you can pick and mix your own bag full of brightly coloured M&Ms. The shops are so ridiculous and over the top that you kinda have to dig it.

We then went back to China Town where we got dinner at this tiny hole-in-wall place called Prosperity Dumpling that sells ten dumplings for 2bucks. So good. We had our Chinese dinner overlooking China Town on Charlotte’s roof and we then headed to my roof, which I only discovered the other day. The ‘R’ button on the elevator kinda gave me the hint of the existence of a roof top overlooking the whole of Manhattan.

So, we had a beer up there then headed to Union Pool which we didn’t get into because, for once, someone actually paid attention to Charlotte’s date of birth. We went to another bar on Bedford Avenue which is buzzing on a Friday night. But it wasn’t until outside that I met two random dudes who were in the production/Broadway/writing thing business. It was good times all around. He pretended to be Mr. Deli, owner of the deli shop we were standing in front of. I pretende to be Ms. Thrift, owner of the opposite standing thrift shop. Escapism to the max.

And then something magical happened….He bought me my first ever bunch of flowers (this is where the magic actually ended though…if he was Mr. Deli why did he have to pay for the flowers? The gig was up and things were never to be the same again)

In the mean time a very drunken guy was getting picked up by the ambulance (poor dude, there is no way anyone can afford that kind of medical luxury in America), another dude tried to jump on the back of the moving ambulance. Him and his friend came over to us and he tried to buy me flowers as well, then decided to get aggro though and stormed off. His friend was busy re-tying his tie. Random stuff.