Utilitarian Disney Art

by brokenrecordbaby

So, like i mentioned before Charlotte is living in an artist’s loft which is covered in her work. There is a huge, creepy tranny mannequin in the middle of the room, the bathroom is painted silver Factory style and collages and installations adorn the walls and shelves.

In the kitchen next to the sink hang two canvases: one’s got different pictures of Cinderella cleaning, scrubbing and sweeping the other one is with Snow White doing domestic chores also. (Charlotte’s landlord is pretty feministic and against marriage etc…) attached to the two canvases is a sponge, broom, sweeper and bucket. You know…all this is showing how women are portrayed in the children’s popular culture as being the ones responsible for the upkeep of the house, scrubbing the floor clean on their knees is where they should be at and stuff like that.

So, a couple of weeks ago two Latino handymen come into the flat to fix something. They leave behind a bit of a mess so one of them grabs the broom off the canvas (which, by the way, is priced at 3,500 bucks) thinking he is doing a good thing (not letting behind a mess for the landlord, a woman, to deal with…so totally going against what the picture is implying) and begins sweeping together the mess he has made with every good intention.

Virginie (artist/landlord) sees this and flips the fuck out! She starts screaming, flailing and waving her hands around…she is totally exasperated that her piece of oh-so-carefully constructed feministic art is being rendered completely meaningless by this super blokish handyman who is using her tools of art as tools of functionality. He just looked at her, shrugged his shoulders and put the broom back on its hook.

Does the piece it still stand for the same thing? I think she could charge even more for it now. Anyways, I only found out about this story because I was about to do the same mistake.