Meine Lieblinge (ein paar fehlen natuerlich)

by brokenrecordbaby

This pics aren’t from NY. I was in Hamburg this May visiting my friends. We were celebrating a birthday in a gorgeous house out in the country. We went for a walk, chilled with baby cows, got them to suck our fingers, explored an old farm and castle, spied on a house in which we are sure a mass murder lives and got caught out in the rain. It was one of those innocently, nostalgic days.

Ich vermiss euch maedels…kommt doch bald nach London!


Charlotte's 21st

by brokenrecordbaby

Tuesday was Charlotte’s 21st and the night before Michael and I got together to figure out what to do. Because Charlotte loves the Meatpacking District and drinking outdoors and because I thought it be nice for her to have some Britishness when she’s out in NY for her 21st we went to the Brass Monkey which has a bit of British cuisine…food rather. We had a couple of tables on the roof and everyone came…Helga, Nick, Matthias, Michael Joe, Manuel, Nabil…

Joe, 9 inch circumcised, was again suuuuper loud and in everyone’s face. Some loved it others like Helga did not. She kept telling him how shit he was. Bit harsh. We then headed to a German style beer garden. It was underneath the highline (an old railway bridge turned into a park) and the waiters had the best t-shirts…instead of wearing lederhosen they had the straps and everything printed on to t-shirts…i took a bad picture of the bartender wearing the shirt.

We then wanted to go to the Gansevoort hotel which has a rooftop but they were a bit stuck up so Nick couldn’t get in because he was wearing shorts. Theeeeen we went to Gaslight which was a kind of shitty, pretentious bar so we left pretty quickly. And theeeen we walked around for ages not sure of what to do, we took about 4 cabs to random places, got out, changed our minds and left again.

So, we ended up at Piano’s again and had an amazing night. I met a guy called Randolph who had a tiny, miniscule hole in his favourite t-shirt (which was his cousins…so i’m not sure why it was his favourite) and i thought i had to right to make the almost unnoticeable hole i ripped his shirt up. Charlotte saw this and thought “GG didn’t do this…ripping a shirt can’t be this easy” So she tried….and yeah, ripping a shirt really can be that easy so then Randolph was walking around like the hulk. There was a bit of nipple on display.

Oh, and three dudes we met the week before Daniel, Dustin and Michael were there and when Pianos shut we went to Daniel’s Upper West side crib where, in my state, I was super mesmerized by his front foyer and apparently his shower and toilet also so that’s what those pics are doing there.

I was in the kitchen talking to Michael when I turned and looked into the living room (I had to squint ‘cos everything was doubling up) and Charlotte was lying on the living room floor with Daniel (whom she refers to as Dennis) sitting on top of her giving her a massage. Manuel was playing on the piano to, either, keep himself occupied while Charlotte was getting rubbed down or to provide a relaxing backdrop atmosphere. I kept myself to the kitchen. Manuel, Charlotte and I got back to Canal St. around 6:30.

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East Village

by brokenrecordbaby


by brokenrecordbaby

The MoMA has a little, more quirky and cool little sister gallery out in Queens. What makes it more cool is that it is the host to a party called PS1 Warm Up every Saturday. This has been going on for 10 years with a different theme for the party each year. This year it’s beach themed so there are a lot of sand and hammocks. They have managed to avoid the colourful palm tree, coco cabana cliched beach theme by keeping it very urban.

The beach is in a courtyard surrounded by thick, grey concrete walls. White nets span over the entire courtyard and huge, colourful beach balls are chilling, bouncing around on the nets. The nets also have some sort of watering system in them as at random intervals water gets squirted at the crowds below.

matthias, sabina and charlotte

One section of the courtyard is covered in sand and hammocks and stuuuuff. Then on the other side are huge bleachers which people dance on and on top of the bleachers is the DJ. The day I went (the party goes from 2pm til 9pm) LDC Soundsystem was playing, the weekend before Animal Collective so preeeeetty good line up. The gallery stays open for the entire time so if all the boozing, dancing and perving on all the hipsters is making you feel culturally retarded you can go look at some really random art.

I found that ┬ástanding in front of a collage of va-j-j’s, lesbian oral sex and beaten up asses is a great way to meet people.

Then dancing like a spastic also is a great way to meet people and that I did. I met another two guys who turn out to be real Manhattanites so I sort of demanded them to take us all out. We walked through the West Village, had dinner at a burger joint called Five Guys. I didn’t have any food except peanuts. There are two huuuuge barrels filled up with peanuts. I also drank my body’s weight in water. I digg the place.

One of the guys showed us Cones, a really famous ice cream place that does sweet corn flavour and Johnny Walker Gold Label flavour. But again I didn’t have any ice cream. Oh wow writing all this is so pointless. And theeeeeen we split up with the dudes and we went to a bar called the Stanton Social.

Oh my god….it was that night I saw disgusting shit. I hate hummers. I hate hummer limousines even more. But it can get worse….I saw a double decker, white hummer limousine with a balcony/patio thing in the back. I had a little bit of sick in my mouth.

Central Park

by brokenrecordbaby

Last weekend I walked around Central Park. Had no idea where I was going but I somehow found a castle/fort type thing where you can walk to the top. So I did. And it was good. And then I saw some turtles in a turtle pond. Turtles are in my top five favourite animals. So good. Then there was a guy singing and playing music. And theeeeeen I watched a group of guys do crazy back flips and stuff. Very good also. Then I tried to find the carousel that Holden Caulfield from Catcher in the Rye goes to in the end. But I failed to find it.

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