by brokenrecordbaby

The MoMA has a little, more quirky and cool little sister gallery out in Queens. What makes it more cool is that it is the host to a party called PS1 Warm Up every Saturday. This has been going on for 10 years with a different theme for the party each year. This year it’s beach themed so there are a lot of sand and hammocks. They have managed to avoid the colourful palm tree, coco cabana cliched beach theme by keeping it very urban.

The beach is in a courtyard surrounded by thick, grey concrete walls. White nets span over the entire courtyard and huge, colourful beach balls are chilling, bouncing around on the nets. The nets also have some sort of watering system in them as at random intervals water gets squirted at the crowds below.

matthias, sabina and charlotte

One section of the courtyard is covered in sand and hammocks and stuuuuff. Then on the other side are huge bleachers which people dance on and on top of the bleachers is the DJ. The day I went (the party goes from 2pm til 9pm) LDC Soundsystem was playing, the weekend before Animal Collective so preeeeetty good line up. The gallery stays open for the entire time so if all the boozing, dancing and perving on all the hipsters is making you feel culturally retarded you can go look at some really random art.

I found that ¬†standing in front of a collage of va-j-j’s, lesbian oral sex and beaten up asses is a great way to meet people.

Then dancing like a spastic also is a great way to meet people and that I did. I met another two guys who turn out to be real Manhattanites so I sort of demanded them to take us all out. We walked through the West Village, had dinner at a burger joint called Five Guys. I didn’t have any food except peanuts. There are two huuuuge barrels filled up with peanuts. I also drank my body’s weight in water. I digg the place.

One of the guys showed us Cones, a really famous ice cream place that does sweet corn flavour and Johnny Walker Gold Label flavour. But again I didn’t have any ice cream. Oh wow writing all this is so pointless. And theeeeeen we split up with the dudes and we went to a bar called the Stanton Social.

Oh my god….it was that night I saw disgusting shit. I hate hummers. I hate hummer limousines even more. But it can get worse….I saw a double decker, white hummer limousine with a balcony/patio thing in the back. I had a little bit of sick in my mouth.