Day After Charlotte's Birthday

by brokenrecordbaby

Charlotte and I both decided to work Thursday this week instead of Wednesday which was a wise choice as we stumbled into bed around 7. We got up and decided to take the free Staten Island Ferry.

Charlotte had to quickly pop into Saphora (a cosmetics store) but of course we ended up staying for ages. I took my nail polish off, applied new polish, Charlotte got her face done so when a woman approached me to try an air blowing make-up thing I thought why not.

Weirdest machine…so this 250dollar machine blows out air through a brush that is attached to concealer….the woman just held the thingy to my face and air, concealer and sweet smell (‘cos that’s a thing) was blown on to my face. she then changed the concealer to a blusher and then blew the thing on my cheeks and lips. it was very peculiar and it tickled. and the result….i looked like i was ready to step onto the set of a soap opera. my face was super mat and looked like lifeless perfection. (not saying my face is perfect…y’aaaalll know what i mean…oh wow…i work with people from the south) so Manuel took a picture but not sure you can tell on it.

No…you can’t tell. I just look like a retardation turtle.

Sooooo, anyway. We then got on the Staten Island ferry which is orange and free. The view of the city and lady liberty was nice but then we got distracted by body parts that we like on ourselves. obviously i have the most perfect thumb. I’ve been talking about it a lot….actually it deserves its own post…so more of that later.

Manu digs his Roman nose.

Theeeeen we walked up the Hudson River to Chinatown which is a beautiful walk but my camera was dead. Theeeen we went to an Italian place which does free food during Happy Hour when you order drinks. But we didn’t really get much food. Think we were too late. So once again…can’t tell you much about the food.

Here Manuel’s friend Billy joined us. He’s a commercial pilot from Seattle but he lives in Manhattan now. Charlotte and I raped him with questions about piloting. He digged it. He once tried to join the Mile High Club but got rejected. And, I’ve just noticed that’s the only bit of information that has stuck in my head. Typical.

Then we went to a fucking amazing bar in China Town called Apotheke which you would never know existed. Hidden behind a dingy, small door covered in dirty Chinese posters and signs is a beautiful and eclectic bar. The walls are lined with velvet, art deco couches, the only light there is from the back-lit bar and tiny lamps but the bar is the most amazing thing about it. True to its name the whole thing looks like an old pharmacy. Jars filled with weird liquids, bottles of dried up herbs and weird instruments line the bar shelves and top. The bartenders are wearing white doctor jackets and the extravagant drink menu is divided in sections such as “Wellness Drinks”, “Aphrodisiacs”, “Rejuvination”

I had a gin based cocktail with coriander, white lillian (no clue as to what that is) and some other stuff. It was amazing. The bartender then made Charlotte and I a cocktail for free…something with strawberry.

We then went to a restaurant near by which is supposed to be the best in China Town (we had to wait 30mins to get in which is why we made a pit stop at Apotheke) I did actually have the food and it was really good. The dumplings had some sort of soupy sauce inside of it. And then I had a tiny piece of broccoli which really captivated me at the time…but now looking at the picture without having had some cocktails prior it’s not that great. It’s just bit of broccoli.

Then Manu, Billy and I went to the Spring Lounge for a drink. And then I headed to Williamsburg where met up with Tristan who approached me on the subway a couple nights prior. Turned out he lived next to my hometown in Germany for a couple of years and the smart cookie that he is he is completely fluent in German…after living there for four or so years.

Jesus, what a productive hangover day.