Ginger Ale

by brokenrecordbaby

Such a random post but it’s just something that tickled me.

Two nights ago Manuel, Charlotte, Randolph and I were at Jazz club Blue Note and as Charlotte ordered vodka lemonade but they didn’t have lemonade. So Charlotte asked Randolph if they have lemonade at the restaurant/bar he works at and he says yeaaaah of course we have lemonade….but not ginger ale. (editors note: after randolph read this he corrected me…they do not have lemonade either. they have not found yet found a cunning replacement) So in Randolph’s bar when someone orders ginger ale they get a sprite with a splash of coke. supposedly it kinda looks like ginger ale but obviously tastes nothing like it. no customer has ever complained. so ghetto

i am heading there soon and ordering a ginger ale. and i will be making complaints.

ohh randolph is that a lemonade in your hand or is it a tap water pretending to be a lemonade?