Cereal Consumer Collage

by brokenrecordbaby

My sis Anissa and I went to a supermarket in Queens to stalk up on bagels. When Anissa goes abroad she only eats bagels. She lives in Amsterdam and apparently Dutchies don’t do bagels. So, after her breakfast and lunch bagel she had run out when we had to re-stock.

We got a bit distracted by the cereal aisle. It is fucking ridiculous…not a big surprise but ridiculous. Fruity neon coloured pebbles, fruit loops with marshmallows, peanut butter crunch, poisonous green apple loops, yoghurt cheerios….I don’t know how parents can start their kid’s day off with this shit. Amazing.

Also, all toilet paper is on the very top shelves so Anissa had to climb up for it. The toilet paper cost 13 dollars. More than a 12 pack of beer.