It starts and ends at McDs

by brokenrecordbaby

Thursday night was Manu’s last night so we all had dinner at Shangai Joe’s (where we went before and I was fascinated by the mini broccoli) and then we went to……sur-fucking-prise…Pianos. My sister Anissa and her friend Ian also came along and for the first time we met a real dick at Pianos.

He refused to continue speaking to Charlotte because she was from London. Charlotte was mega upset…it was her first racial encounter. Then Anissa hated him as well. He told her he robbed a bank and needed her to pick up the money. Anissa goes: “I’m a prostitute. I don’t need you’re money.” He was confused woo after that.

Then loads of stuff happened, Charlotte and I had a massive bonding session, I threw a mini tantrum because a guy hit on Charlotte and I pretended she was my girlfriend, and we then walked arm-in-arm to McDonalds laughing our asses off. Charlotte picked up a group of guys. She thought one of them was really hot so while she walked with him I was stuck with the others. They were niiiiiice but I was a bit bored so when we got to McD’s (obviously it was Charlotte that wanted to go cuz I hate that shit) I could see a group of three guys sitting at a table meant for four so I flung open the doors, strutted in there and flung myself in the seat meant for me and said “Heeeeeeeeeey”. The boys were from Chile and were awesome. We just talked shit for about half an hour cuz that’s how long it took Charlotte to get a cheeseburger and fries.

I thought she was devouring her food at the counter so I shouted at her to come over but she was actually still waiting for her food. So I went “What the fuck is the point of McDonalds if you have to wait half an hour for your food? It’s not gourmet”. People did not love this and gave me “What a spoiled bitch” stares. Whatever.

I then noticed some really beautiful art work. I think McDonals was trying to save money by decorating the place with McD’s coffee cups strung in a row dangling from the ceiling. It was tres contemporary and quite Pop Arty…oh wow.

piece of art

she digs her mcdonalds

Then the boys we had originally met mentioned Charlotte’s favourite French movie so we went back to theirs to watch it. I so had no time for this but when one of them turned out to be a journalist for The Observer and New York my interest in him was suddenly sparked. Such a social slut. His flatmate kicked us out at some point and we went home.