Frying Pan

by brokenrecordbaby

I met up with Ian and Anissa at a Mexican restaurant in Hell’s Kitchen on my birthday. The waiter asked the two if they wanted to wait with the food order until I arrived. Ian explained that this was not necessary as I was anorexic. Thank god the waiter was an uber queen diva so he had forgotten all about it by the time I got there.

We then headed to the Frying Pan which is a restaurant, bar, club type thing on a boat that doesn’t leave the dock. It’s a really huge, wooden old fashioned type thing with a lot of weird statues on it, remains of old rusty train tracks and a train carriage as the bar.

It’s got three floors. The main one being where the food and drink are served, the top floor where the view is amazing and below deck where you can play ping pong, air hockey and go pee. Really good toilets.