by brokenrecordbaby

Well 15 months living by myself as far away as I can possibly be from home has finally taken toll on my emotional state and I am homesick. Officially.

London, I love you. But there are a few things in Australia and people that I miss desperately at the moment. Also, I imagine everything I am about to write is going to come out suuuper soppy because I am hideously pre-menstrual, exhausted and sore on top of just general sadness. And y’all know I ain’t like that usually. Anyhoo!

I especially miss the following —(some of them out of Australia too) Martina, Jenna, Alex,(all of them) Kelsea, Courtney,Mikaela, Annie, Jesika,(and all Jessica’s) Michael, Zayn,Khayl, Govinda, Karlos, Dom, Sean, Dylan, Ellie, Henry, Amy, Jai, Kaitlin, Chantelle, Lewis , Bec & everyone at Noosa 5.

If I came ‘home’ for a visit I would spend just two weeks—

I’d spend 90% of time with my cats Wee Whitey & Kitten. I hope they still love me.

-go running on Sunshine Beach and have a cigarette on the rocks before slipping over dramatically and returning home with several cuts and bruises.

-swim EVERY single day.

-I would be sure to go into Noosa 5 and make at least three tins of Choc Tops. Boysenberry you motherfucker, you’d be last. I’d eat loads of those perfect little rolls supplied for the Opera events. Yum. I’d make popcorn with waaay too much delicious chemically butter powder and eat bags and bags through my shift.  I’d gossip with Dan in the Ticket Box and get Noodle Box for dinner.

-go to the Plaza and get a bargain from Miss Shop in a Myer sale…which are never ending.  Since I still don’t fucking drive I would probably get the 620 there, so I’d be on the bus for an hour for a 20 minute journey and of course, being the freak magnet that I am meet and chat to every single crazy between Noosa & Maroochydore. Somebody I know would get on every single stop.

-would have a big messy night out (or a few) in Brisbane because that is where most of you are situated these days! But for those of you who still frequent Noosa…I’d drag you out to Halse Lodge, then KB’s for a jug of Sex On The Beach & then maybe even The Rock…haha ew, maybe not.

-I miss Op Shopping in Noosa and my collection of wonderful vintage handbags.

-I want to meet baby Silas.
-I miss, Peppermint Crisps, Mi Goreng, Sour Apple Slushies, ‘The Lookout’ and the reason we went there… (except for all the times Alex and I broke up up there). Drinking bottles of wine with Kelsea AND CHICKEN WING DINGS.
Rain on the roof at Edwards St.
Even though they couldn’t exist any more, even if I were to come home- parties at my Rooftop in the Junction.  7/11 trips.

I miss the smell of Tea Tree oil all over our house and bottomless cups of tea & avocado toast.

Basically I miss home right now, I am feeling overly emotional and thought you should all know. Love, Charles x