by brokenrecordbaby

Our mental capacity before going to Harvard….

We popped into a sex shop on our way to Harvard for one last bit of mindless fun before the tough life of a genius started.

The campus is beautiful to the max. We only saw one bit of it but that was pretty big already. Harvard is split into different courtyard type things which are all covered in grass (organic grass mhhhmmm), trees, cafes, very old and beautiful buildings and obviously a lot of students. The student halls are right in the middle of all of this which is nice but also, I imagine, sort of intense as the uni campus is literally on your door stoop.

We talked to a couple of people…one girl who told us a bit about the school and where to go to and then this old man sitting on the stoop of the philosophy building. After he asked Randolph for the time he goes “Everything around is a computer program designed by my brother. We are all in a computer.” He then asked for the time again. Randolph goes “It’s 5:04”. Freak dude goes “No it’s not…it’s much later than that.” Right….crazy Harvard kids.

We went into the Science Center which beholds the absolute biggest microscope in the world! It is huuuuuuuuuuge and so friggen entertaining. Randolph and I stood on either side of it taking pictures. I look like a meaty giraffe and Randolph has a weird mohawk. So fun.

Then we went into the psychology building and sat down for a lecture. as it is the beginning of the school year it was an introduction to the whole thing. so interesting and the prof was really funny. the room was amazing too. rows of red, velvet chairs with those little pull out desktop things, chalkboard, room was made out of dark wood. exactly what you expect. randolph and i even got some homework. we have to observe a group of 2-3 people and write down their body language, what they look like..etc. build up a little case study for them. we are going to do it next time we go to a restaurant or so. but yeah, it was fucking amazing to go to a harvard lecture. im a smart cookie now