by brokenrecordbaby

So, this post is a bit late especially seeing that I am back in London but whatever.

Last Saturday on Sep. 11th Randolph and I went to Governor’s Island. It’s a tiny island situated South East of Manhattan. We took a free ferry to it for a Panda Bear (animal collective) concert. the concert couldn’t have been on a better night as it gave us an amazing view of the 9/11 laser light memorial.

the atmosphere was really eery but at the same time the laser lights just blended into the background and seemed like they were part of the show….an extra special light effect or something.

i was completely mesmerized by the lights and for most of the concert i stood facing manhattan as opposed to the stage. i noticed there were white, sparkly things floating up the light beam. it looked like hundreds of tiny mobile stars, or glow bugs. i asked a bunch of people if they knew what it could be but no one had an answer. randolph asked a guy working there and without hesitating he said “They are butterflies.” He sounded so sure of himself that we might have believed it if his next statement hadn’t been “Unbelievable that it has been 11 years….” Now I’m horrendous with numbers but i knew that was wrong fo’ sho’. So, butterflies they couldn’t have been. I concluded that it was the spirits rising up from Ground Zero….criiiiinge, I know.

The beams created this creepy light effect that reminded me of some sort of alien abduction. It was tres bizarre.

After the concert and 3 or 4 pints of Blueberry infused beer Randolph and I hopped back onto the ferry.(Oh, before we got on the ferry i got hot sauce in my nose. i think i had it on my finger and then i scratched my nose and it really burnt. i had to snot out the hot sauce without a tissue. it wasn’t nice. and i don’t know why i have shared this detail) we decided to walk around wall street for a bit and that was a fucking good decision as it meant that we got super close to the light beams. wall street is an awesome area to walk around in during night. unlike the rest of manhattan it retires for the night. other than the odd street vendor every shop and cafe was closed and though there were a couple of people walking around (most of which came from the Governor’s Island as well) it had a real abandoned feel to it.