Eleven and Half Weeks…

by brokenrecordbaby

After having been sick in bed for a week not being able to earn dollar I am getting a wee bit antsy about my upcoming trip. Will I have enough time to make enough money? Will I have time to plan the trip? Educate myself about the places I am going to? What are those places anyway? So, I checked my calendar and was relieved to see that I have nearly 3 more months as opposed to the expected 2 and a half (hey, that is a huuuuuuuge difference) I am on antibiotics (suuuuurprise) and am just about healthy enough to sit upright and use my brain a little though it is still full of white noise and thick, gooey yellow flem. I need to start planning this baby and my blog will be a reflection of that ‘cos after all…the trip starts as soon as you book.

My picture of inspiration today: Cambodia, National Geographic