My Notebook

by brokenrecordbaby

Along with this blog I have just started a fresh notebook just for my trip. It’s for travel story ideas, travel writing tips, notes, thoughts. I’ll give you a bit of an insight everyday what I’ve been jotting down. So far, travel writer David Miller (editor of Matador Notebooks and one of my travel writing “teachers”) has been very prominent in my notebook as he has loads of travel writing guides on Matador.

I nearly jotted down everything from this article which names 30 Skills for Writers. It talks about properly using quotes, not making fallacious arguments (this article forced me to look up fallacious. It’s a sexy sounding word meaning “a mistaken belief based on unsound argument”), constructing multi-level descriptions and scenes. The best thing about it, is that it links to other articles Miller (and others) wrote about being a better travel writer. I couldn’t stop taking notes…it took me from one great, useful article to the next.