by brokenrecordbaby

This weekend I met up with Sam, an American fella I met on my Italy travels 2 and a half years ago. He was in London visiting his sister who recently moved here and I was super excited to see him again. I vividly remember telling him that I was positive we would meet again when we had our heart wrenching farewell in Rome’s main train station. And I was right!

Seeing Sam didn’t just get me remembering my month in Italy again but it got me super excited for my upcoming trip….you’re always going to have to go home and leave behind a place but you get to make friends for life. It sounds super cheesy but my effortless reunification with Sam proved that.

If I didn’t have a ginormous trip planned in 9 weeks time I would have just hopped on a plane to Michigan with Sam. We talked about his uni life all night: his job at the student newspaper which has a daily 17,000 print (my uni didn’t even have a newspaper), his campus the size of London (slight exaggeration), the sports teams which rule the school and all the ridiculous frats and sororities. I wanna play beer pong, take shots off a ski and wake up at 6 in the morning to get drunk because that’s how the football team knows you are 100% behind them. But just for a month. Because it’s just ridiculous. And if that girl gets to dress up like a Corona I want to be a Bombay Sapphire.

Sorority chick dressed up as a Corona bottle