Patti Patti Smith Smith

by brokenrecordbaby

So good you’ve got to say the name twice.

I am devastated. So gutted. I found out this morning that Patti Smith is holding a talk with author Geoff Dyer. Obviously it is sold out now. It’s going to be all about her Chelsea Hotel years, her friendship with Robert Mapplethorpe and hanging with Warhol and his crew. So I imagine it will be quite similar to her recently released autobiography Just Kids. I read the book while I was in New York over the Summer which was just perfect. I went to the Chelsea Hotel, Coney Island and hung out in the East Village loads which are all very important places in the book.

I can’t ponder about the fact that Patti Smith will be a mere tube ride away from me tonight. Apparently I am not on top with events going on in London. Fuck. But the talk will be put online and there is a Mapplethorpe exhibition curated by Scissor Sisters on at the Alison Jacques Gallery. That’ll have to do.