by brokenrecordbaby

So, you know when you are in the pub and the conversation turns to “What is your best body part?” (because it naturally does happen without a doubt), I always say my thumb. I’ve got to admit I am often the one who steers the conversation in the direction of this topic or, depending on how many g&ts I have had, I will just whip that bad boy out, show it off and nod proudly as people admire this gift of God and good genes.

There is just something about this little bone of goodness that makes me extremely happy. It’s pretty small but curvalicious. It’s got personality – it’s cheeky. Curvalicious and cheeky. Yup! And it is always painted red. It feels naked without a coat of polish.

One time in New York Randolph, a dear friend I met out there, told this girl Charlotte that her thumb was better than mine. Of course it came back to me and I was fucking furious and upset. And I still am a bit. It was super out of order and it is only ‘cos Randolph is amazing that I still talk to him.

In short…I give my thumbs two thumbs up.