Embracing the Thai Attitude

by brokenrecordbaby

I’m not really planning my trip much at all. I’ve got a couch for 2-3 nights when I arrive in Tokyo but after that who knows? It’s a combination of being super busy with my London life, a tad bit lazy but more than that it is the carefree attitude I’ve got towards my trip and I really hope it won’t bite me in the butt. I’ll get there and it’ll all work out I’m sure. I read about about this Thai saying “Mai Pen Rye” which pretty much translates into “no worries” “it’s all good”. (Kinda hakuna matata style just in real life with no talking lions) Apparently it’s the attitude they have over there so by not planning and stressing I’m already embracing the culture of one of the places I will be visiting. Awesome.

Floating Market (National Geographic)