Ghetto Shit Flat

by brokenrecordbaby

I think my flat in London is doing a pretty sweet job of preparing me for upcoming travel turbulence. Something different is broken every week. Once the shower was fixed the toilet decided to clog up. When this problem was diminished the washing machine decided “Heeeeey, if the toilet and the shower can go on strike so can I!” And it did, with my clothes stuck in a pool of grimey water for two weeks.

The washing machine is working again but now there is no hot water so I’ve got clean clothes covering a dirty body (and mind). The kitchen sink pipe is leaking and my ghetto attempt of wrapping meters of masking tape around the pipe is kind of working – now only half the kitchen is under water when I wash the dishes. But as there is no hot water anymore washing the dishes has gone from being an annoying chore to being a mission – I have to boil the kettle 5 times to get a sad amount of water to fill the sink only to have that water come out again through the pipe onto the floor.

All of this has to be done while the sun is out (so, that gives me a 2 hour leeway) as the light switch in the kitchen is half hanging off the wall so chances of winning the lottery are higher than the electrical wires rubbing each other the right way so that the light turns on.

The friendly little mice that used to hang in my room and on top of the kitchen counter haven’t popped around in a while but with all the unwashed dishes mounting up in the kitchen it is only a matter of time ’til they come boppin’ back. But hey – my flat will make any gross youth hostel seem like a 4 Star Resort and in the spirit of the Thai – “Mai Pen Rye”!