Holland Park

by brokenrecordbaby

Two more week ’til my trip starts! I’ve been having the best time right before my trip which is awesome but makes going a lot harder. It proves my theory: Live somewhere with an expiry date and you will constantly push yourself to explore, meet people and be curious. When I get back from my Asia trip I want to live in a different city/country for 3-4 months at a time to really get the most out of the place. The last couple of weeks – because I know my London time is coming to an end – I’ve been going to 3 exhibitions a week, walking everywhere, exploring new places and you just don’t do that if you perma live in a place. You get lazy and spoilt. By living somewhere for a short amount of time I want to stop that from happening. Anywhoooo…

Yesterday John-boy and I went to Holland Park – a park just by Notting Hill Gate. The Japanese Gardens with Koi fish gave me a little taste of Japan. There was an orangery, peacocks who were showing off their sexy feathers to intimidated little pigeons and nosy squirrels.