Two Sisters in a Sauna Part 1

by brokenrecordbaby

I’m from Wiesbaden, Germany. That’s where I am right now. I’ve lived here for three years of my life and that was from the age 6-9. I come back less than once a year, party, hang out with friends and stroll around town. I know it but not too well.

It’s a town known for its natural hot springs. Back in the dizzl the Romans came, they dug the hot springs so they settled in a bathed all day. So now there are a bunch of decadent roman bath/sauna/wellness places which I have never been to. Anissa, my sister, came to visit me this weekend from Amsterdam and she had the idea that we go to the sauna and get to know a part of a city that is really quite famous (famous if you are German and into water…)

The first place you get to when you enter the building is a really big indoor pool with a crazy whirl pool built into its middle, showers coming off the side, lounge chairs all around for chilling and a water passage leading to an outdoor pool. The water is warm and salty ‘cos it’s natural so it’s super good for your skin. You can even keep your eyes open when you swim under water.

After awhile we got out of the pool, walked up some stairs and headed outside to explore the saunas. I didn’t know saunas came in such varities: a fire place heated sauna, a sauna that looked like ski lodge and smelled differently every 2 hours, a “mental sauna” with calming music, bird twitters and lights, a sauna with a huge crystal in its center, a standard sauna that went up to 95 degrees celsius and a steam bath.

In the sauna area you have to be naked. I love being naked. I was wondering if this sauna could function in England. The country where girls change in the bathroom so their friends can’t see their boobs and where couples fuck in the dark or underneath the sheets. Just kidding…

Anywhoo…there was a lot of shriveled penis. It’s amazing just how much a penis can retract. Nothing intimating left about it. And although everyone should act all mature and respectful in the sauna obviously there is still some inappropriate behaviour.

Anissa and I were in the outdoor pool by the saunas, so we were naked, and I thought it was really funny to hold on to the side of the pool and push my behind out of the water. I would giggle and do it again. I forgot that there were other people in the pool so this guy chilling on the opposite side of the pool kept getting a full view of my ass and more than one orifice. This could have disgruntled him but he was amused. He kept looking at me and smiling. At first I thought this was nice. Most German people are anal-retentive so for this guy to appreciate my childishness was a nice change. I kept swimming, pushing my ass out of the water, Anissa joined in too and the guy kept staring and smiling. Eventually he got out of the pool, walked towards a sauna and on the short walk he managed to turn around three times and smile at us. He nearly walked into the door. It was a bit much towards the end, no? I was naked and vulnerable after all.