Two Sisters in a Sauna Part 2

by brokenrecordbaby

After being perved on it was time for the tables to turn. Anissa and I were still boppin’ about the outdoor pool when out from the building came a pretty hot guy. After seeing old, shriveled men all day our expectations weren’t too high but he was pretty nice to look at. He was strolling around the pool with a towel covering his mid drift. Our eyes followed his every move as he walked around the pool and sat down on a launge chair. We waited and waited for the towel to drop but he just wouldn’t do it. Did he know we were watching? After a couple of minutes he got up again and strolled around, the towel still covering his goods in the most tantalizing of ways. All he was offering was his pretty average chest. He then disappeared into the building. Not only did he not go commando but what was the point in his little 5 minute stroll’n’sit session? Useless.

After all sauna sessions and swimming Anissa and I thought it be nice to retreat into the “Quiet Room” filled with lounge chairs to read and maybe nap. You are obviously not allowed to speak in there or read newspaper or do anything that will make noise. We entered and right away my squeaky, super loud flip flops drew attention to us. A lot of heads turned, some eyes were opened and in order for the squeaking to stop I had to take huuuuge strides and walk with my legs very far apart. Why walking like a retard minimizes squeaking noise I do not know but it does. We finally reached two empty lounge chairs, Anissa dropped her bag to the floor producing a loud noise, this made us giggle and when Anissa sat down her lounge chair smashed into the floor making the loudest noise yet. We sat down looked at each other and could not stop laughing. Then a man’s stomach made a huge grumbling sound. We laughed even more. We couldn’t stop and then finally decided to bounce. We got up, headed towards the door (I was taking those huge, spaced apart strides again) and then Anissa snorted soooooo loudly due to all the laughing. Instead of quickly going out she says loudly “Sooooorry!!” and we got out of there. I now understand the phrase “suffocating silence”.

We decided to chill in the normal area where people are allowed to talk. The noise of rustling newspaper, clattering dishes and gossiping people made me feel so at ease that I fell asleep after reading 2 pages of my book. I was clad only in my towel so at some point during my 45 min., Anissa informed me later, my towel shifted exposing all my bits. Apparently my legs weren’t shut too tightly either and I was sleeping with my mouth open. Instead of being a normal older sister looking out for her mini-me, Anissa hid behind her book, pretended not to know me and was giggling at the people who were passing us by and staring at my fully exposed everything.

After 6 hours of saunas and pools we were ready to go home and as we were getting our stuff from the lounge area we noticed a woman eating grapes. I’ve never seen anyone attack a fruit so viciously; she was poppin’ one grape after the other in her mouth. 1, 2, 3, 6, 10 grapes were all flung in there and they disappeared with not so much of a chew or swallow. Again, Anissa and I were in hysterics and considering we were sitting right next to her and staring it is a wonder she didn’t notice. But actually of course she didn’t notice…she had a mountain of grapes before her that had to be devoured in two minutes. She must have decided that her “throw twenty grapes in my mouth” technique wasn’t efficient enough so the woman took a whole grape branch into her mouth, moved her jaw back’n’forth a bit and out came a grapeless branch! Incredible! Anissa compared this to a cartoon cat putting a fish in its mouth and pulling only the fish’s skeleton back out. It was the perfect way to end the day.