10 Travel Publications That Make Me Wanna Hit the Keyboard

by brokenrecordbaby


I’ve spent weeks scouring the web for great travel publications which I want to write for. The internet manages to be wonderfully liberating, choice-filled and transparent but daunting, overwhelming and information-infested at the same time. After having come up with about ten websites I found a “Top 100 Website List” (going through that list (I’m only on 14)) has pimped up my list considerably confirming my initial thoughts….this list is no where near complete and I can’t stop at 10. It’s an ongoing project – a bit like Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia church. (not saying this list is a master piece)

I have chosen these website because I like their content, style, attitude and because they seem approachable. Here goes:

  • website url
  • brief description of the publication, its style, history, and reach
  • editors’ names
  • submission email / instructions


1) The Expeditioner www.theexpeditioner.com

– This is a Brooklyn based online magazine with a very laid back, fun yet smart and contemplative vibe. It is updated daily by their in house writers or guest bloggers with topics ranging from travel stories, travel news and personal insights. There is also a video section, a feature articles and destination section where finding an article about the country you want to know about is made easy. You can tell it’s based in New York by the wit, slight sarcasm and honesty.

– The editor is Matt Stabile who, I’m guessing in his mid 20s, travels and writes for the website frequently

– There is a submissions page on the website which provides Matt’s email (matt.stabile@theexpeditioner.com) and a form. It doesn’t state the pay but from my own experience I know that pay is around 30 American dollars. Just like the website itself the submission guidelines are pretty chilled out: first person narrative from 1,000 – 1,300 or any other form of writing which is entertaining and inspiring.

2) Boots’n’All – http://www.bootsnall.com/

– An independent travel company based in America prides itself in promoting and cultivating independent travel. It provides travel guides, RTW guides, Euro Rail guides and travel insurance guides. But what I’m more interested in is the article section. Here you can find an assortment of reads: long essays with a lot of historical facts on Sarajevo, budget advice articles, how to guides and “9 ways to…”, “5 best…” etc. The site offers a very familiar mix of personal travel essays with fun, easy going guides.

– I couldn’t find the editor but I’m not sure how important this info is for your submission as you need to fill out a form

–  Feature Articles Program ($50/article)

Expert Travel Articles Program ($30/article)

Travel Essays Program ($20-40/article)

Guest Posting (Bio and link to your site or blog)

BootsnAll Writer Platform

Travel Blogs Host your travel blog on BootsnAll

The submission info on this website is presented so easily and effectively that it feels wrong for me to recap it here. Check it out for yourself.

3) Go Mad Nomad Travel Mag http://www.gomadnomad.com

– An online travel magazine that focuses on independent, off-the-beaten path travel destinations, adventure, volunteer stories and budget travel.

– Editor is Stephen Bugno

– You can send unsolicited pieces to gomadnomadtravelmag@gmail.com or contact the editor though it seems to be the same email address. Pay is $25. Check out this page to see exactly what type of stories they are looking for.

4) Verge Magazine

– Verge is a North American based magazine focusing on “travel with purpose” meaning volunteering, working, environmental awareness etc.

– The submission guidelines are explained in great detail here

5) Wanderlusthttp://www.wanderlust.co.uk

– Wanderlust is a UK based travel magazine with a large online presence. Here you can “plan a trip” choosing options such as time of the year, type of trip or destination. They offer articles to inspire you and advice articles helping you with anything from etiquette to how to get paid to travel.

– Editor is Dan Linstead

– Writing for the magazine as a budding travel journalist is highly unlikely as mostly travel experts write for the magazine and articles are solicited but the website is very much accessible. When pitching do not send a manuscript but a paragraph outlining your idea or the first paragraph of a completed article and include pictures.

If you have not yet undergone your trip but have an idea write a paragraph explaining what you want to write about and the dates of your trip. Email submissions@wanderlust.co.uk.

Anything from independent, semi-independent travel, special interest ravel goes. No “hardcore adventures” and of course off-beaten track topics are sought after. For more detail on submission guidelines go here.

6) Go Nomad – http://www.gonomad.com

– A well known and packed-to-the-brim travel website. Important are sustainable, responsible travel, travel writing that shows engagement with the place you traveled to…in their words: “It is travel that teaches, travel that challenges, travel that enlightens and rewards.”

– Max Harthorne is the editor of Go Nomad. A gentlemen who has been in the business for awhile. He also works for Transitions Abroad.

– The website is open for submissions for destination mini-guides and feature articles. There is a super detailed submission guideline on the website so best to check here. They pay $25 per article.

7) Travel Thru Historyhttp://www.travelthruhistory.com

– A website dedicated to the history of a destination, its culture, archeology and its art.

– The founder/editor is W. Ruth Kozak. An older lady who has been in the travel writing trade for 15 years.

– Travel Thru History wants to offer budding travel writers a platform so this is a great website to start at. Topics you can submit work to are historical/archeological, culture, art/literature, fascinating cities, exotic adventures and travel memoirs. Pay is: Stories of 500 to 900 words – $10; 1000 words or more – $15; Features – $25. Payment is made by cheque, money order or Paypal on publication. Submit all queries or include your article in the body of an email or as an attached text file to: submissions[at]travelthruhistory[dot]com.

8 ) 2 Camelshttp://www.2camels.com

– 2 Camels combines festivals with travel. The website features festival stories that capture the moment, are rich in description and fun. The website also helps you book a hostel/hotel once you’ve chosen which festival you want to visit. The festivals are sorted by location/month.

– Paul Dodson, an Londo based Aussie is the site’s founder.

– Check out the submission guide lines here. Email: editor@2camels.com. The pay is $20. Articles should capture a moment but still be timeless between 500-1000 words.

9) Galavantinghttp://www.gogalavanting.com

– This website is for the ladies. Ladies who are curious, explorative, open-minded and do all that with style. The website offers features sorted by location, Gogalavanting TV, travel tips, travel essays, travel news/reviews and travel style. The tone is fun and chilled out but very smart and sassy. It’s all about being a smart and powerful woman who loves to travel here.

– Katy Quissell and Kim Mance are its co-founders. Kim is the website’s editor in chief and her email is kim@gogalavanting.com. Joseph Hernandez is the managing editor and can be contacted via joseph@gogalavanting.com

– Galavanting accepts pitches for each of its sections: Travel News and Reviews, Worldly Style, A View From A Broad (blog), Travel Tips and the Features well. We pay $15/post for published pieces for each section except Features, which nets $50. Either send Joseph a pitch or submissions@gogalavanting.com. When pitching be sure the content is original, your pitch is detailed preferably accompanies by pictures. They are looking for “How to” guides and travel tips. These have to be very creative and one of of a kind though!

10) Lost Girls – http://www.lostgirlsworld.com

– This website is the result of three NYC working girls throwing the towel, heading off to travel, write and discover for a year. It started out as a blog, they published a book last year and now are running this website. It’s there to help you plan your trip be it passport/visa information, packing, travel writing etc. There are destination guides, they cover travel news, they introduce a “lost girl” every week and there is more. The website is bursting with interesting and easy to read content.

– The executive editors and founders are Amanda, Holly and Jen. They started the blog and wrote the book together. There is a massive list of editors on the “Our Team” section. This is great to see which one of the editors you specifically need to get in touch with once you know which of the many sections you want to write for – but – emails are not included in the mini biographies.

– The general email for submission is lostgirlsworld@gmail.com but it also states to contact editors of specific sections directly. Only problem is I’ve been unable to find these emails. So just write the section you want to write for the in the subject line and send it to the general email. Paste your 500-1000 word submission in the email or if you want to pitch an idea during or directly after your trip be very specific when describing your angle.

What I got out of  the contributors guideline is that Lost Girls only pays for a certain type of article. You get $12 for: How to pitch for xxx and country and city guides.

You can also nominate a friend or someone you have met on your travels as “Lost Girl of the Week” to this email kristenp@lostgirlsworld.com. This person has to have an amazing travel story or have done something inspiring revolving around travel. Click here for their contribute page.

11) NY Times InTransit Blog http://intransit.blogs.nytimes.com/category/globespotters/

-You can get published in the NY Times! Amazing. Lost Girls did an excellent interview with its editor

12) Before You Go Backpacking http://www.beforeyougobackpacking.com

– A website just there to prepare travels for their Asia backpacking trip. Guides, advice, travel inspiration, guest house reviews.

– Editor is Aaron Bradford a 20 something traveler.

– He is looking for “little pearls of wisom”, short travel tips, budget planning, route planning, border crossings, country/place specific guides (these are paid) and guest house reviews (also paid). Email editor@beforeyoubackpack.com

UNPAID (To get your name and blog out there!)

1) Vagabondishhttp://www.vagabondish.com

– A website that describes itself as “an online magazine that discusses offbeat backpacking and travel news, advice, how-to tips

and tall tales from around the world.” The website is split into different sections: Features, Modern Vegabond (gadgets etc), News, Sidelines, Reviews, Travel Guides and Dispatches. Travel guides (there aren’t a lot) include some “36 hours in…” articles, the news has a very lighthearted spin on it and doesn’t seem to get updated a lot, dispatches seems to be random bits and bobs and the features section covers more than just people talking about their travels. The articles almost seem anthropological.

– No editor is stated

– Contact form is here. It seems to be unpaid but your name and blog link will be published.

2) Spotted By Localshttp://www.spottedbylocals.com

– This website is run by its contributors. Locals provide insider information on bars, events, accommodation etc. You can find unique tips here that only people who truly know a city can provide.

Fill out this application form if you want to become a “spotter”. Pay isn’t mentioned so I am assuming there is none.

13) The Huffington Posthttp://www.huffingtonpost.com

Not sure if this is paid and how realistic this is but I read once that the travel editor Kate Auletta said “As far as I’m concerned, the more voices, the better. Have people shoot me an email to travel@huffingtonpost.com with what they write about and where they have traveled, their writing experience. etc.”