A Blog Collaboration

by brokenrecordbaby

Keeping a blog is tough cookies. Every idiot has a blog nowadays, you need motivation and stoke to keep it going and how do you get loads of people to come back and read your ramblings?

I’m enrolled in Matador’s Online Travel Writing School where we are taught the importance of blogs and online social networking. So I thought to myself to make Agitate the Gravel a platform for a blog collaboration between different students of this online school as we all have the same goal: to be a travel writer (or photographer). Hopefully with this collaboration we will motivate each other to keep writing, get a larger audience and network.

I won’t tell you too much about the other bloggers as they will introduce themselves but so far we’ve got Brian living in Bermuda, Lisa who is about to embark on a culinary adventure in Nashville and Rachel, who is discovering that Connecticut isn’t all bad.