Wear and Tear

by Lisa

Traveling can be so tiresome mentally and physically. There are moments that seem so perfect that you just want to live in them. I have so many of those moments and it’s the reason that when I come back home, I’m ready to pack a suitcase for the next trip. Then there are, what I like to call, “shit moments”. These are moments when the unexpected grabs hold of you and the universe seems to be whispering in your ear “Hah, what’re you gonna do now?”

Looking back I always laugh because overall it was never a big deal. For example, last October I flew to China for three weeks with one of my friends. The third day in, one of the wheels on my suitcase was mysteriously ripped off. I wasn’t too upset, but by time we got to Hong Kong a pretty big hole was created from all of the dragging.

Of course, for someone who loves to travel all of these things must be expected. I believe that the best traits of a traveler should be someone who can be flexible, can adapt, and be positive. During the long bus rides I realized that I had to do something to pass the time. So I made a little short film…