And here we are, at Introductions

by Filipa

I´m having a hard time describing myself these days (years…). But, because I´m new here, and you all should know who I am, and that is “the thing” to do, and because I do enjoy talking about myself, here goes:

I´m Portuguese, reaching 30 and not quite believing it…seriously, I´m a grown up? But in a good way, I just don´t feel like I thought I would, say, 3 years ago.Wasn´t I supposed to have my life figured out?  Maybe that has something to do with the fact that I quit my job as dentist last year to volunteer in Argentina and travel through Bolivia, Peru and a bit of Brasil. I had no idea what I was going to do next…I just knew I had to do that and in the meantime I decided to take my hobby to write about my experiences to the next level and signed up to the MatU travel writing course. That´s how I met these guys and ended up here. Lucky me!

Now I´m back in Portugal. I´m part-time dentist (yep, figured out that wasn´t so bad after all, as long as I had time to do other things), part time writer. I realized I was wondering the world but hardly knew my own city so now I´m rediscovering Lisbon and I have to say it´s a growing  love affair. I plan to do the same for the rest of the country, and of course continue to explore the world. I´ll keep you posted through my posts.

I´m a wine lover, and Portugal has some of the best in the world. That and the food…boy how I  missed the food that last year.My taste for beer has also grown these past years, especially if accompanying snails or seafood.

I´m addicted to movies and books and I´m learning to appreciate photography past the Like/Don´t like rating. I like things that challenge me and make me think in all forms they may come.

I´m always ready for the beach, but I enjoy the countryside too, despite being a proud city girl.

I speak fast and tend to ramble…but you´ve probably already noticed that.

I also write at (in portuguese) and