Somehow Safe And Sound in Sydney

by brokenrecordbaby

When I left Sunday for Sydney I was in that awkward stage between tipsy and hungover. I almost left without my passport, bankcard and cash. But because I was moving in such slow motion I noticed before I left the house. At the airport I learnt that I should have applied for a visa even though I’m only staying a week. Thank fuck visas can be purchased at the airport. And because I half checked in my bag before I got my visa I forgot to complete the check in process after I got my visa so the bag man had to come chasing after me. I then went through the wrong security gate and had to be directed out and into another one where I then decided to beep even though I went throughthe first gate scotch free. I jokingly said that I purchased a gun in between one security gate and the other. Apparently mentioning guns is funny but I took the joke to far when I dropped the “b” word.  I was told that I should have been kicked of out the airport but I guess you can’t take a 12 year-old looking girl too seriously.

I managed to catch my connecting flight just fine and sat next to a really cool editorial hairdresser. Stockholm’s best 9 fingered hairdresser. His ringfinger got ripped off 7 years ago when he climbed a fence, his ring got caught in the fence, he jumped, landed on the ground but left his finger behind. It was very refreshing to talk about a handicap so candidly. Fuck awkwardness. I then told him that Obama had died causing a bit of confusion before I realized that what I actually meant was Osama.

Then I was supposed to get picked up by my Couchsurfing host at 6:30 am at a train station. When he hadn’t shown up what felt like ages I asked the ticket selling lady what time it was. When she found out that I had been stood up she invited me in, made me a cup of tea, gave me a granola bar and invited me to stay with her, her daughter and her granddaughter. I chilled in the ticket booth with her for 3 hours, then went to her place, had a shower and checked my email where I found out something funny: I wasn’t stood up by my CouchSurfer…I told him I was getting in the 2nd of May when in real life it was the 3rd. He had waited for me the day before. Oops.