Those Moments

by brokenrecordbaby

You know what I really dig? Those moments that make you realize you’re traveling. Not like when you’re looking out an airplane window but when you find yourself in a moment where everything just comes together perfectly but at the same time is out of the ordinary. It’s hard to explain. But it gives you one heck of a fuzzy feeling. I had a moment like that yesterday.

Tim and Tas, my CouchSurfer boys, and I biked down to a park at 1 in the morning with music and some beers, and climbed this monster of a tree. The boys appropriately described it as a tree where Rafiki, the crazy monkey from the Lion King, could live in.

Sitting in this massive tree that was rustling not because of the wind but because of a cluster of hyper bats above our heads, sipping on a warm beer and talking shit made me think “Wow, I’m in Syndey. Half way around the world. In a bat filled tree.”