Floating Market

by brokenrecordbaby

Since we never made it to the Floating Market the day we met @t, he took us there on the third day we hung out. (The second day we chilled at his house, went to a huge shopping mall and watched a Thai horror movie which was amazing. Randolph screamed twice. But not like a girl. Like a real man.)

The Floating Market is a 15 minute cab ride away from Bangkok’s center. The market, as the name floating sorta suggests, is by the water. And this water is fish ridden. I’ve never seen this many fish. The water is black due to the sheer density of fish. I think it’s good luck to feed them or something so you can buy bread and them mutherfuckers be going crazy.

Anyway, so the Floating Market is a floating deck on a river with little boats boppin’ along side the deck where amazing Thai food is being prepared right before your eyes. You choose what you want, grab a seat on the deck and hopefully don’t get sea sick due to the constant rocking of the deck.

Then we took a boat tour (we were the only non-Thais on the trip something very unusual in Bangkok) which takes you through a village of houses built on stilts along the river. It was the best experience so far.

These houses had postboxes and there were “street signs” in the river. A little supermarket on the river. Temples. Everything. We passed by a dead belly-up alligator, tons of bright pink marshmellow-like slugs, red slug like things with hundreds of legs, stray dogs playing in the water, kids swimming and balancing on water pipe lines, temples, old ladies floating around in boats with more strength than any middle-aged dude, schools of fish waiting to be fed, run-down shacks with bedsheets as windows, decadent little palaces with golden-trimmed gates. A whole town in the river.

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