Bungalows and Waterfalls

by brokenrecordbaby

I’ve been offline for awhile. I spent last Wednesday ’til this Thursday surfing at Samart’s place – my was-once-monk-now-trekk guide-and-organic farm-owner CouchSurfing host.

The dudes always got at least 3 or so people surfing at his place in Chiang Mai as a way of promoting his trekking company and organic farm/guesthouse which is cool by me. It’s like going on an unofficial press trip.

We, an Cecilia (Argentinian), her boyfriend David (Andorrian), Josh and Quinn (Americans), Samart and his wing man Nicky, headed up to Huaypong Village which is about an hours drive from Chian Mai and other than to drive through to go trekking no tourists go here.

Samart’s got a bamboo bungalow “farm” built on a hill. There is a bungalow kitchen, 3 private room bungalows, two dorms, a fish pond, a swimming pool with natural water (meaning it comes outta a pipe without chlorine but with a brown tinge), loads of things growing, chickens and kittens.

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We drove up there, as mentioned to probably get the word out a bit, and to help him out. The boys headed into the jungle to cut bamboo which they used to build an irrigation system and a gate and Cecilia and I got to pick weeds with Nicky. It was pretty therapeutic but I did go there thinking I would be teaching English to village kids. Oh, wells.

We bambooed and weeded in the morning and in the afternoon we went to a near by waterfall for a swim. The waterfall was coming down with such fury. We all took turns sitting on the rock the waterfall fell on and I’ve never experienced mother nature at such high volume and pain. I then layed on a rock a bit further away from the smashing waterfall and looked up. It was one of those moments. Seeing the waterfall drop from its source onto you with a bright blue sky as a backdrop.