An Evening in the Airport

by Lisa

I’ve written before (and its my belief) that to be a successful traveler, being able to easily adapt is key. My adaptation and flexibility have all been put to the test within the past twenty-four hours. I should be in the U.K. by now unpacking my bags and getting ready for dinner. Instead I’m sitting in my living room trying to decide what to have for lunch.

After arriving in the airport, checking my bag, and getting through security (suprisingly) with ease I headed to my gate. Checking to see if my flight was on time, I saw the word DELAY and my heart drop. To find that you have a delayed flight is the worst news, especially if you have a connecting flight. It can almost have the same effect as an adult telling five- year old that Christmas has been cancelled. For a split second I could feel a tantrum coming on, but common sense and maturity are on my side.

After five trips to the customer service desk and two calls to U.S. Airways customer service lines I realized I wasn’t going to make it to London until Wednesday. My mind immediately went to my friend Shannon who some where over the Atlantic totally oblivious to the fact that she would be arriving at Heathrow alone. Everything got settled once I spoke to the lovely Irene who, although looked exhausted, helped to book me a direct flight on U.S. Airways. She even hooked me up with a first class seat, which is a first for me. So, I leave tonight for London. It’s going to be a seven hour flight and an even longer haul to Stevenage with my huge suitcase, but that’s the thing about traveling. There will always be hurdles and sometimes you feel like you’ll never arrive, but you do… eventually.