My Deportation… A Milestone Pt. 2

by Lisa

“It’s going to be hard to find a room because Wimbeldon and Glastonbury festival is going on right now”

I was standing in front of the hotel booking agent desk trying to figure out my options. Sleeping in the airport was not an option as I couldn’t get back to the gate area as I was now stuck. By this time I had already spent twenty pounds on two phone cards that ran out at least five minutes short of the twenty-eight allotted minutes. During that time I was able to call my friend and my mother to let them know what happened.

“Is there anything a bit closer to the hotel available?” My eyes felt puffy and irritated and now that I was nearing the twenty-third hour without sleep, I was just running on the idea of being able to get a hot shower and falling into a bed.

“Well if you don’t mind waiting, I’ll call around and see what I can get for you.” God… everyone is so helpful and nice. I thanked him and waited. I walked to a newsstand and bought the Glastonbury Review issue of NME and some gummies in order to break change for the internet kiosk. More emails were sent and I went back to the desk.

“Ok so there was one room left at the Comfort Inn. It’s going to be 170 and that includes the ride from the shuttle to the hotel and back in the morning in time to check in for your flight.”

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by brokenrecordbaby

…what have ya done to your shoes, kid?”

“Heck, I don’t know. I guess I agitated the gravel.”