Strangers with Fire

by Lisa

I attended a local couchsurfing event in Newark, Delaware. The “theme” if you want to call it that was pot luck with everyone bringing a dish. This made for an interesting menu that consisted of edamame, Coors Light Beer, stromboli, and other little snacks.

It was a fun night, considering the fact that everyone was meeting for the first time. However, when the shared passion is traveling, it makes for never-ending conversation. As the sun went down our hosts’ roommate and two of his friends decided to put on a fire-spinning show on their front lawn. I was told that Madison Drive (the street where they live) is where local fire spinning enthusiasts meet up once or twice a week to… well, spin!

It was so mesmerizing that I offered to take some photos, which they absolutely loved. I was even invited back to come and photograph them later…

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