Grashina – that’s me.

I am a budding journalist with a Fashion Journalism degree and am currently specializing in North American literature, culture and sociology at the Berlin John F Kennedy Institute.

I’m the Features Editor of Flamingo Magazine, a London based illustration, art and music DIY print magazine. I write about music, illustration and art and am always on the look-out for new stories, people to interview and art/music to promote. We are always looking for writers so if you are interested email grashina@flamingomagazine.co.uk (or email me with other inquiries)

I am enrolled in Matador Network’s Travel Writing Course and have since been doing occasional freelance travel writing at websites such as Matador Network, The Expeditioner and SlowTravelBerlin.

This summer I made my own fanzine on New York City.

Find a showcase of my published work here.