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Beirette Analog Pics

by brokenrecordbaby

I took these pics in April during a hitchhiking trip to Leipzig and Dresden. I bought an old analog camera at a Dresden fleamarket and opened the back revealing a probably 20-30 year old film. Ooops. But I still took pictures with it (the black and white ones) and the results are kinda cool.


My Last Glimpse of Thailand

by brokenrecordbaby









The Click Shop

by brokenrecordbaby

Life is good. My only task today (a self-set task at that) was to get to The Click Shop, a photography shop in Kuala Lumpur.

I had every intention of getting a not expensive analog camera as my Beirette camera broke just days before I left for Sydney. (It broke because I dropped it. It still makes my heart clench).

I found the shop asking for directions only once and it looked fucking amazing. There was a tiny waterfall and stream at the front of the store, the store was super minimal with glass cases, grey walls and chunky wooden/metal furniture. There was a small library of photography coffee table books and I spent an hour and half chilling on the sofa reading the books.

The cameras are mostly analog “toy cameras” There are various varities of Holgas, Lomos, Diana Fs, Fisheyes, multi-lens cameras and some awesome stuff. Like a miiiiiiini camera in the shape of a chocolate bar which you then hook up to your computer, or cameras in the shape of juice, milk and cigarette boxes, cameras made out of lego, biscuit cameras and blackbird cameras.

I ended up buying the “Ultra Wide and Slim” camera. A kitsch, plastic, point and shoot with a super wide angle lens (22 mm). It’s a summer time camera though cuz you need loads of light.

Check out the curves on this baby

I got the baby blue. Ignore the granny in the one piece cloud suit. It's just the packaging

Agitate The Gravel is Growing

by Brian Erdelyi

Brian Erdelyi, Bermuda

We recently met Brian Erdelyi at MatadorU (a new media school for travelers) where he’s learning to be a better travel photographer.  One thing lead to another and he’s now here to share some of his work

Brian is a Canadian expat living in Bermuda who’s traveled for work, food, scuba diving and an all around great time.  He may not say much, but as they say “a picture’s worth a thousand words”.