Madame T

by brokenrecordbaby

Last Friday I had a friend from boarding school visit me one day. We walkedaround all day and then met up with Charlotte to embark on a true touristy night…at Times Square of course, where else. We had dinner at AppleBees. If USA had ’em…it be chavtastic. We were then heading to the subway to hit up some Lower East Side bars buuuuut a waxy Whoopi Goldberg caught my friend Ann Kathrin’s eye. It was a trap. I knew, she knew it, Whoopi sure as hell knew it. But, next thing I know we were in waxtasia. Oh wow.

I have never been to a Madame Tussoud’s and I am a bit upset that I can no longer claim this. I don’t understand the point of it but it was pretty fun I guess. I now know I am taller than Shakira, have almost a big a booty as J-LO aaaand…no that’s it.

Charlotte could not be dragged away from Johnny Depp but that wasn’t a surprise. Towards the end of the “museum” we reached a Hulk/Superman movie set where you can be in your own superman video. It’s one of those things where you think “Who the hell actually does this?” Ann Kathrin that’s who hah! She played Superman while Charlotte and I were random pedestrians that had three different looks: amazement and oh wow look at New York city, scared look ‘cos of some force out to kill Earth, and yaaaay look because Superman saved the day. Ann Kathrin bought the video so maybe I’ll get a chance to post it. So amazingly cringe. That’s Ann Kathrin on the movie set below. Oh wow.

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