Last Saturday…my bad

by brokenrecordbaby

Last Saturday I had a mammoth day. My boarding school friend Ann Kathrin had stayed the night but was leaving that afternoon. She really wanted to go to Magnolia Bakery which we did. I don’t like cupcakes. I’ve had this discussion many times. They are the attention whores of the baked good world. Think they look and taste soooo fucking good with their over the top coloured and sickly sweet tasting icing. And you know they are going into town when they’ve got sprinkles to top themselves off. They are just miniature versions of muffins. They got less taste and less quantity. I am so not falling for their annoyingly cute looks. But apparently half of NY is….there was a line to get into the shop. Jesus.

Anyway after I dropped Ann Kathrin off at Penn Station I went to the Fashion Institute…not mind blowing but it was free. Then I stumbled upon an amazing vintage/antique fleamarket in Hell’s Kitchen. And then I met up with Jordan. He was the guy that bought me flowers out in Williamsburg. He is a real Manhattanite so he wanted to show me around.

We met by the Hudson River ‘cos we were taking a tour of Manhattan on a speed boat called the Beast. It took us down the Hudson River, to the Statue of Liberty and back up the island. The tour guide on it was a huuuuuuge Hell’s Angels type dude that strutted around the boat armed with a water gun and water bombs randomly seeking out his victims. It didn’t make too much of a difference if he soaked you because the Beast was doing a pretty good job of that anyway.

battery city

After the boat we went to Jordan’s place for some drinks and he played/sang me some songs on his piano. He’s got crazy talent. He can sit there and compose a song on the spot. You would never know it was improvised.

Then we hit up a famous comedy club called the Comedy Strip where Seinfeld, Sandlers, Rock etc. have performed. It was mega funny. Which I realize is a pretty standard description of a comedy club. But it was.

Jordan then took me to the Top of the Rock which is the viewing platform at the top of the Rockefeller Center. I was preeeeeeetty high on gin at this point so this next part is just a big colourful swirl of city lights and disco elevators with transparent ceilings. The view was amazing though and probably better than going on the Empire building as you actually get to see it if you’re on the Rock.

We then met up with Charlotte and big fucking surprise…went to Pianos where we met Randolph, Manu and some other people. Again….big blur.

We all ended up at my place, had drinks on my roof as the sun was rising and crashed out. Mammoth day.