by brokenrecordbaby

Shit, I have to much to catch up on this blog and I really want to but I feel at the same time I am wasting precious New York time. 6 days until I have to come back to London and I feel like I’ve seen about 10% of what the city has to offer.

So, late last night Randolph and I got back from Boston. It was an amazing trip to the maaaaaax haha. So, like I said before we left….Randolph and I were discussing to agitate the gravel and hit up either boston, philly or baltimore over a couple of beers. when i woke up the next day he had called his high school buddy alex to ask if we were good to crash at his, which we were, so we showered, backed our bags (we did all this so quickly that randolph forgot to pack underwear….thank god boston’s got gap)

we took a fung wa bus which takes you from new york’s china town to boston’s china town. the bus ride is only 15 dollars…mega good. we just chiiilled on the bus. randolph fell asleep with his mouth open but the bastard deleted the evidence off my camera. the kids sitting behind randolph were beat boxing (i missed out on that because at this point i was asleep….mouth closed of course…i’m a lady hah) we are strawberries and chex mix and an apple. oh, and there was a 10 min. pit stop…no not the use the bathroom (toilet was on the bus) but to get a mc donalds of course. i loved how it stank up the bus..mmmhhmmm yum. but we found a vending machine where someone had tried to by goopers (chocolate covered peanuts) and they got stuck. so randolph shook the machine…..and they came out. yaaaay! we knew then it was going to be a goooood trip….

we got to boston and just started walking around. we walked through the financial over a bridge and saw arthur the cartoon character sitting on a building!! it was the kid’s museum. and we walked to where the boston tea party took place. then we walked to the  boston world trade center which was really eery. it was labour day monday and there was not a soul there, completely quiet and empty. nice building though. boston has a  lot of beautiful sculptures everywhere…it is a very artsy city. there was this one metal sculpture of a dragon…its tail was at the top of a staircase and at the bottom was his head coming out of the floor…in between was the rest of his body. hmm what a bad descripion but i took pictures. we walked through more of the financial district which is super picturesque. the buildings are really old, the streets don’t have the NYC grid system so the roads are all twisty and turny. everything is very decadent…the 7/11 sign is gold embedded and even the starbucks looks sort of inviting. there is a lot of cobbled stones in boston, horse carriages and very old buildings. the place has a pretty european vibe to it.

randolph and i had dinner at the oldest restaurant in america which is the union oyster house established in 1826. preeeeetty old for american standards, eh? my favourite part of the restaurant is the fact that king louis the something the something stayed on the second floor during his exile and taught french to the ladies of boston. bit of a downgrade for old louis. the restaurant was absolutely amazing. it was beautiful…very old, a lot of unique decorations and a really friendly vibe. we sat by the oyster bar and thank god we sat down and ordered when we did because we scored the last plate of oysters. the had run out over labour day weekend and it was the first time the oyster man had experienced that in his 15 year career there.

i had oysters once before with anissa by off a vendor at tower bridge (so random) and really didnt like them. the  oyster felt like it weighed 5 kilos and i had to carry that weight around in my stomach all day. but this time around i really dug em. it was just really fun sitting at the counter watching the guys cut open the oysters and clams, chatting to them and watching a bit of the Boston Red Sox game in the background (cuz i reaaaally know my baseball now). we also tried a clam each, grilled oysters and clam chowder. good stuff.

we theeeen walked around the north end of boston which is the little italy of boston. but it’s a lot bigger than NYC’s little italy. it’s actually a whole area of town as opposed to a street. the vibe is so european there. the streets are very narrow, twisty and turny, restaurant after restaurant, bars, italian bakeries and ice cream places. we walked off the main street called hannover and just got lost in the little alleyways which really paid off ‘cos we stumbled across paul revere’s house who was a patriot in the american revolution. he let people know when the brits where arriving to boston. his house was very eery. a small, narrow wooden shack with no lights surrounding it except one weak street lamp. it really felt like being back in his day and age. we also stumbled across a courtyard with his sculpture and the north church which is some sort of famous chuuuurch i guess. we did a hell of a lot of walking. we witnessed a drug deal at the north end, talked to an 82 year old italian boston man, randolph got a received a prank phone call telling him he has butt worms, and then we met up with randolph’s friend alex at an irish pub (there are a lot of those in boston) and had some beers while the dudes did some catching up.

ok more blog later….grabbing some breakfast beers with randolphs brother