1st full day

by brokenrecordbaby

so my first real day started off kinda pooey as i headed back to JFK to get my suitcase. friggen aer lingus just dont find it necessary to actually have people at the baggage claim office thing. they just think an answering machine is sufficient which it really isnt if you dont have a contact number or apartment number for them (i totally didnt realize that i only knew my house number not flat number and for some reason i had a smart cookie moment and it took only 3 tries to get into the right flat in a house fuuuuuuull of flats spread out on 6 floors….ok it has nothing to do with being a smart cookie..lucky cookie more like it)

but yeah so to make sure i actually got my bag i thought id head there. soooo i hopped back on the J line to Jamaica Center and when i got there i was told my bag had been brought to brooklyn but it was already on its way back so i only had to wait 30 mins…got my bag and i bounced. when i got home charlotte had msged me…she was going to bloc party with her flatmates. wasnt really sure what that was

soooo i popped over to canal street which is bang in china town. then met them mercer st, corner of howard and grand (i do feel a bit cool talking like that) aaand so basically a bloc party is when a whole bloc gets shut down so no traffic. then there is free food, free booze (in america…i was shocked) and free live music. a real ghetto girl got on top of a school bus and started wrapping (o wow i really spellt that wrong, eh) charlottes flat mates are actually more her two-door-down-neighbors but they got the same landlord. a french artist, which funnily enough was interviewed by the place i am interning at http://stylelikeu.com/closets/virginie-sommet/  (so in the video she is in the place where charlotte lives)

so charlotte stays in her flat which is full of her art work, a silver painted factory like bathroom, little bedrooms in cylinder like things and a roof top with a fuckign amazing view of the financial district. the two frenchies nebil and axelle live in the artist’s gallery so during the day when clients come by they have to retreat into their rooms. they also can access the roof from their place

so we bought some booze which felt like visiting a chinese man in jail for selling fake dvds as he is totally barred up and you give him the money through a little hole and he gives you the booze in a black plastic bag. when charlotte got a beer she got it in the infamous brown paper bag and she even got two straws with it…how do ya like that?

then we went to their roof. the view ohhhhh my god. so we drank there for awhile. then we headed to some morrocan themed restaurant, sheesha, bar as the boy axelle is dating is a club promoter so we got free drinks before heading to the avenue. a club close to the meatpacking district which is apparently all happening, and real hard to get into. but cuz we were with promoter boy we got the jump the q and got a table with free booze. really reminded me of whisky mist. so we were at a table with a bunch of mdoels. one model was like 6 foot 5 without heels. there was a definite wow factor.

at some point all the free booze kicked charlottes ass and she had to go outside. axelle, being a real motherly type of gal, found her a special little pukage spot and we then agitated the gravel and went home. charlotte went to bed and we stayed up checking out the blogs nebile writes for and axelle whipped up some pancakes. you cant beat a french girl and aunt jemima working their magic together. o wow is all im saying.

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