Sunday day time

by brokenrecordbaby

sunday was spent kinda chilling mostly as everyone was a bit rough. after axelle whipped us up food again (i person i havent known for 24 hours cooked two meals for me..amazing) charlotte and i hit up the financial district which is a ten minute walk away from their canal st crib…if that

what i found out on this trip is that downtown isnt the only financial district…a lot of stuff has moved uptown/midtown making downtown less significant. and i wonder if that is to do with 9/11. as all the offices that got destroyed had to get set up again somewhere and setting them up again downtown was prob deemed as pretty inappropriate …so maybe they moved uptown and a whole lotta others followed?

aaaaannyway…we walked half way across the brooklyn bridge, saw the oldest building in manhattan which is a church that has gone through a hell of a lot, saw ground zero and went into a ground zero memorial thingy which has videos of the survivors, a time line of what went down that day and  interactive displays of what the new site will be like.